How to Set and Reach Social Media Goals for Your Real Estate Business

Social media works as a great source for people planning to purchase a house on the web and has a considerable impact on every phase of a customer’s decision-making journey. To be able to make social media work continuously and make sure that you’re on top, you have to create powerful social media goals for your business.

1. Understand Your Primary Objective

Your social media objective is linked with your social media goals, however it’s totally different from them. Your primary objective provides direction to your social media marketing and clearness on what exactly to accomplish. This comes significantly prior to your goals. You need to figure out your objective no matter what otherwise your goal setting would be out of place.

2. Set SMART Social Media Goals

Reaching your social media goals becomes simpler once you adhere to a proven framework. Although there are lots of goal-setting strategies available, one which shines from the other is the SMART goal-setting approach. Utilizing that you can create goals which aren’t only worthy, but practical as well.

Goals which follow the SMART framework are… Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic.Time Sensitive.

3. Perform a Social Media Audit

Among the most essential duties you have to manage, even prior to setting your social media goals, would be to set up your baseline targets. Otherwise your social media marketing would end up being ineffective and weak. Simply by performing a proper social media audit, you won’t just establish such baseline targets, but as well make sure that every goal you set is laser-targeted.

4. Set Your Social Media OKRs

OKR, that is an acronym of “Objectives and Key Results”, put depth into your goals. Exactly why you require OKRs is simply because to have a big picture and ensure things go properly, it’s essential to have the smaller details right. Thus in such a way, you’ll be chopping down all your macro goals.

5. Calculate the Right Metrics

Measuring the right metrics is essential to achieving your social media goals simply because you’ll understand what causes your development, or what elements are blocking it. Your social media metrics could easily allow you to know how your efforts are faring towards your competition. If they’re doing better, these metrics will be better. And the other way around.

6. Create a Social Media Content Strategy

To fulfill your social media goals, it’s essential that you win over your Instagram followers or Facebook fans. Just how? You have to provide them with what they need when it comes to content. In case your content isn’t useful or beneficial to them, then you wouldn’t obtain the kind of traction force you desire. You are aiming to obtain increasingly more people to not just read your content but also pass it on around their social media circle.

Social Media Goals Your Business Must Set

Goal #1: Expand Brand Awareness – Regardless of what market you’re working in, you’ll find that creating brand awareness, getting more reputation and boosting your influence pays off hugely. Social media in today’s times takes on a huge part in developing a brand identity. Mainly because it ties with the lives of actual people, who might be your potential customers or your clients.

Goal #2: Increase Site Traffic – Traffic is definitely the lifeblood of all business site. Not having the right type of targeted traffic to your site or blog, you just won’t get the required leverage. Apart from SEO traffic, the traffic you created via social media is extremely beneficial. So why? Mainly because it generally comes after somebody suggests your content.

Goal #3: Build up Site Visitor Loyalty – In case you’re managing a business site, then you must strive for visitor loyalty. Simply because whenever people take more time in your site, it implies that they trust your content as well as your approach. Social media is an excellent tool that will help you build site visitor loyalty.

Goal #4: Raise Conversion Rates – Site conversions matter, simply because sales matter. In case you’re managing a business, your site is a power tool to boost clients or customers. Social media will help you utilize this tool much better by letting you build a direct relationship along with your followers/prospects.

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8 Real Estate Video Marketing Tips that Actually Work

With video marketing, you’re not just producing leads, however quality leads which have a greater potential for converting. With a regular supply of targeted leads, your company can always have customers.

Let’s take a look at eight effective real estate video marketing tips which can help you obtain real-world outcomes.

Tip #1: Commit Your Time into Effective Planning

In terms of getting success with real estate video marketing, you have to make certain you’re starting up on the correct frame. Put simply, you can’t be hasty on your approach otherwise the outcome would be half-baked. Remember that great real estate video marketing involves effectively plan out the video content. With the right planning, you’ll not just gain more clarity, but also can get the best from your real estate video marketing budget over time.

Tip #2: Leverage the Effectiveness of Storytelling

People purchase property for a lot of reasons, there’s always a few emotional quotient included. And that’s why it seems sensible to apply your real estate video marketing endeavors as a way to tell a powerful and engaging story. Don’t simply tell any kind of story. Tell a compelling on which your potential customers could relate to on the emotional level. Building a simple but meaningful video to attain your real estate advertising objectives should include storytelling.

Tip #3: Build a Deeper Connection

Whenever you’re utilizing real estate video marketing, you must fully understand the power video content possesses over static pictures. With videos you’ll be able to express a vision which you could not using photos. It’s something you could use to your benefit to create a stronger, more deepler relationship with your potential customers.

You should simply utilize video to show them that they are not simply purchasing some property, but make an investment for their dream. Let them know what you’re selling them is a full home, not merely some house on the block.

Tip #4: Humanize Every Video

Whenever somebody purchases a home, it’s an experience which take really personally. It’s not the same as purchasing something from the store. Here, you need to respect your potential customers choices all through your video. Just how? By being human rather than showing up as a business which simply cares on the profits. The very last thing you want your potential customers to feel is like you’re “selling” them.

Tip #5: Make Use of 360 Videos to Save You Time

No doubt about the reality that real estate agents are crunched for time, and they’d happily take on over twenty four hours in every day if they can. Primarily because it requires time in order to show properties all around one at a time, which could consume into business productivity. You require something in 3D; certainly not on a boring, flat two-dimensional data format. The answer would be to create 360 videos which make it very easy for your potential customers to move around and develop a better decision.

Tip #6: Make Use of Video Based Testimonials

Every single Internet user has encounter a testimonial at some point or another. In case you have a business site, you might have already a few written testimonials coming from your customers, and that is wonderful. Then again, there’s something regarding video based testimonials which makes them shine. They just create a more powerful impact.

Tip #7: Try to Keep The Videos Brief

Real estate video marketing works well with shorter videos for the reason that tend to be more impactful and don’t waste time. Remember that the lengthier your video is, the greater the possibility of the audience leaving. Everyone has an attention period which is shorter compared to a goldfish. That is why it’s been discovered that simply 37% of people that view the video online continue to watch till the final second.

Tip #8: Boost Production Quality

Efficient real estate video marketing is centered on quality. As this is a kind of industry which doesn’t play cheap. You can’t lower quality and expect you’ll get results. In case your company has the means, you then must do whatever it takes to create high quality videos. Whether it’s purchasing a high-end camera or even the appropriate lighting to help make your videos appear more professional, you need to consider investing.

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8 Benefits of SEO That Every Small Business Needs To Grow


Your small business can’t ignore search engine optimization (SEO) as part of your overall marketing and advertising strategy.

If you do, you are not only leaving money on the table, you are falling behind your competitors.

Because of the many benefits of SEO, all small businesses should be using it to grow their business. By optimizing your small business website for SEO, you are setting it up for long term success.

A properly done search engine marketing campaign will set your business up to receive long term, laser targeted traffic to your web site. This is the gold standard of potential leads.

You see, unlike other marketing channels online, such as pay per click, visitors from organic search are actively seeking you out. This makes them the best potential customers your marketing can deliver.

Let’s take a look at eight powerful benefits your small business can enjoy by implementing search engine optimization as part of your marketing strategy.

A High Return On Investment (ROI)

Yes, there is a cost to SEO, whether it’s in time or paying a specialist to do the work for you. However, once you begin to receive traffic from the search engines, that traffic can last a long, long time. In fact, if you do the right things on an ongoing basis, you can be reaping the rewards of free organic search traffic for years and years to come.

Laser Targeted (And Free) Traffic

Online, there is no better potential lead or customer than the ones that come from organic search. Most marketing, such as on social media is interrupt marketing. People are not seeking you out. You are interrupting what they are doing.

When someone visits your small business web site, they arrived because they actively sought you out via search. They are looking for a product or a solution and they’ve come to you. This is as targeted a lead as you will get online. Now it’s the job of your web site or salespeople to do the rest.

SEO Is Much Better Than Pay Per Click (PPC)

With PPC marketing, there are a lot of variables that you have to get right, A lot of research goes into building a customer profile, figuring out your target market, setting up all the possibilities inside your account.

Do you set a high cost per click? Do you focus on leads or likes? There’s a lot going on. Besides that, things are constantly changing and if you shut off the campaign, your traffic dries up. Not to mention the fact that PPC costs keep spiraling higher.

SEO traffic, on the other hand, is more targeted, it’s less expensive, and it’s more long term than pay per click marketing.

Building The Brand

Search engine marketing can help build the brand awareness of your small business. Your site starts to get noticed and remembered when it keeps appearing on the first page of search results. This is very cost effective brand building.

SEO Puts You On Even Footing With Big Business

One of the great things of having an online presence is the ability of a small business to compete with large businesses. By focusing on SEO, you can achieve rankings that your large competitors don’t have. Potential customers will see you as the expert or go to business in your industry.

Local SEO Will Boost Revenue

Local SEO is booming. More and more people are heading to the search engines on their mobile phone for local solutions and products. And according to, a whopping 18% of local mobile searches actually lead to a sale within 24 hours!

By focusing SEO with a local search component and creating a Google My Business listing, your opening up your small business to a lot more potential customers that will being contacting you already set to buy.

Improves Credibility

People trust the search engines to give them quality results from their searches. This means, if your small business is showing up on the first page of search results, potential customers will see your small business as both credible and trustworthy. This can do wonders for your sales.

SEO Is Always Working

Once you’ve achieved search engine rankings on the first page, these rankings are working for you 24 hours a day. Those rankings never take time off, not even for holidays. This means, even when your business is closed, your SEO is working for you to generate new leads and customers.

If you own a small business, getting started on an SEO campaign is an absolute must for your business.

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8 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Expert For Your Real Estate Business In 2019

Social media platforms are often thought of as tools for online entertainment, but they can also be powerful marketing outlets for all different types of businesses, including real estate businesses. As a business, however, using the platforms can be counter-productive and time-consuming if you don’t have a serious online marketing plan. As a result, many businesses now opt to outsource all social media marketing to expert agencies who know how to generate a following, engage with followers, and create a consistent flow of new, entertaining and informative social media posts. Here are 8 reasons why you need a social media expert for your real estate business:

1. Avoid Conflicts

On a surface level, platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be fun places for sharing photographs, stories, and fun comments, and connecting with friends and family. When businesses use the platforms to promote their brands, however, the platforms need to be approached from a different angle. Casual conversations often flow in unpredictable directions, so a more refined business approach is required to avoid conflicts that could reflect badly on your real estate business. Social media experts know how to craft engaging content that will promote your business’s property listings and real estate services without causing any controversy.

2. Save Money

Hiring a social media management company can cost your business a lot less than hiring in-house online marketing experts. A team of outsourcers will also have access to all the latest professional social media tracking and analysis tools that could otherwise your business thousands of dollars to obtain licenses for.

3. Access Affordable Diverse Content

Any type of social media marketing strategy requires the creation of lots of content. There is often a limit to the creatively of business, as coming up with new ideas for content every week can be time-consuming. Social media professionals have access to teams of creative copywriters who can come up with endless engaging content for your real estate business’s social media accounts.

4. Reputation Management

Expert reputation management is key for running a successful real estate business in 2019. Social media market experts know how to deploy damage control measures in the event that a disgruntled past client or angry competitor tries to destroy the reputation of your business using social media platforms.

Looking to manage your reputation in Africa, check out this social media cape town company. They have shown some incredible results.

5. Maintain Professional Interactions

Arguably one of the main reasons why social media platforms have become such powerful marketing tools for businesses is that they allow for a very personalized approach to engagement with customers. Personalization and customization are vital for building client relationships in 2019. Social media experts can provide your real estate clients with a personalized, yet professional relationship with your business. Without help from social media specialists, however, it can often be too easy for a business to allow interactions on social media platforms to become less than professional.

6. Adherence To Terms And Conditions

While marketing and advertising are allowed on most social media platforms, each platform does have complex terms and conditions governing what is and is not allowed to be published. Expert social media agents can ensure your real estate company does not land in hot water with legal teams from any of the big players in the social media arena.

7. Analytics

Detailed analytics are essentials for seeings which areas of your business’s internet marketing campaigns require improvement. Social media experts will provide your real estate business with detailed monthly traffic analysis reports.

8. ROI Focused

It can be easy to waste a lot of time and money on social media platforms without seeing any real results. The best social media agencies provide ROI focused marketing plans to ensure every cent spent helps to grow your business.

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6 Tips To Make Facebook Ads Work For Your Real Estate Business

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies at the current time. The social media network has millions of active users and customer interactions with businesses on the platform are at an all-time high. The real estate industry is a very competitive field, so it’s vital that businesses in the field take advantage of all of the online marketing platforms available in 2019. So, here are 6 tips for deploying more effective Facebook Ad campaigns for your real estate business:

1. Use demographics, location, behavioral and interest targeting options.

Besides the massive amount of traffic Facebook has, one of the key reasons why it is a powerful marketing platform for real estate businesses is that you can target ads to specific groups with laser point precision. This means you can save money on advertising by avoiding paying for ad impressions from users that are unlikely to ever purchase any of the properties your business currently has on the books. You can target ads based on location (zip code), age range, income, home ownership status, residential profiles (eg.”Likely to move”) and much more.

2. Incorporate video content.

Video marketing is a very effective way to showcase properties for sale on Facebook. Property listings with a video typically receive four times the inquiries of those without videos. If you want to take your real estate video marketing to the next level, start experimenting with 360-degree videos. Such videos allow viewers to take an interactive virtual tour of a property from their computers. Be sure to use Facebook Ad Manager‘s recommended video specs for the best results.

3. Take advantage of carousel ads for property showcasing.

Facebook’s Carousel ad format is perfect for boosting the visual appeal of properties. You can use the ad format to showcase a series of properties in a specific area or multiple rooms from a single property. A carousel ad is basically a series of images displayed in a catalog type format with viewer scrolling options.

4. Create transparent ad copy.

The key to success in the real estate business is building trust. Buying a property is a huge financial decision, so people want to be sure they are going through a trustworthy real estate agent. This means you need to be as transparent as possible in all your Facebook Ad copy. Don’t be tempted to list unrealistic guide prices and make sure you use realistic photographs. Property specs in Facebook Ads also need to be as detailed and accurate as possible. Try to list information in a clear format.

5. Schedule ad spends for peak times.

Facebook Ads can be expensive, and your ad budget can run down quickly if you are paying for impressions and have not scheduled display times for your campaigns. Surveys should that properties are likely to sell 15% faster in mid-March to mid-April, so it can be worth saving a lot of your business’s ad budget to advertise listings during that period.

6. Highlight reviews and testimonials.

Using positive customer testimonials and reviews in your ad copy can be a great way to instill trust in your business’s services. While it can be easy to talk about how good your business is in first-person terms, words from previous happy clients can be a lot more powerful.

The six tips above are just a few of the things your real estate business can do to improve its social media marketing strategy with Facebook Ads. You can also find many successful case studies online featuring real estate companies who have published proof showing that paid advertising on Facebook works. So, what are you waiting for?

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3 Steps To Succeed In Your Real Estate Business Through B2B Social Media Marketing

For a long time, social media has been seen as a haven for B2B companies. This doesn’t mean that B2B companies can’t have a share of this cake. B2B social media marketing has continued to grow as more and more companies tap into social media platforms for more clients.

So, is it possible for a real estate business to tap into the success of B2B social media marketing? Yes. Businesses use this marketing strategy to make a kill in major social media networks. This success can come about when a strategic approach is taken by a B2B company. Here are 3 steps on how to succeed in your real estate business through B2B social media marketing.

1. Develop Your Marketing Objectives

It may become hard for you to run a profitable campaign without having the right objectives. The return on your real estate investment depends on the marketing goals that are set to push the overall growth of your company. You need to have goals relevant to your real estate business. This makes sure that you come up with a B2B social media marketing strategy.

Your goals should be reflected by the decisions that your real estate business makes. You should have a plan on how you will achieve these goals. Your business also needs to understand the significance of gaining visibility in the social media space.

The generation of targeted leads is one of the goals that your real estate business should have. This can lead to a handsome return on investment. You should also be able to build your brand through social media optimization. This objective gives away value and protects your real estate reputation. Another marketing objective that your business should offer is better customer service. This ensures that you resolve any customer issues promptly.

2. Get To Know Your Target Audience

There are lots of people with different interests in social media. You should be able to reach out to the audience who will connect with your real estate business. You also have to become influential on social media for other businesses to pay attention to you.

Your marketing needs to be shaped by your priorities and goals. You need to find out how best to grow your business. So how do you do that? How do you grow your real estate business on social media?

You need to analyze your competitors’ social behavior. Analysis of the content that they create should also be done as well as how they generate engagements. This analysis can help you do better in areas they are lagging for you to gain a competitive advantage.

You need to share content that will captivate your target audience. The real estate niche has lots of content that can be shared as blog posts or even videos. You should also look into the platform that is most receptive to your content.

The needs of your audience require you to create and assign personas to them. This helps you to deliver better services to your real estate clients. Specific strategies can be implemented for each unique persona thereby leading to an increase in sales.

3. Select The Right Social Media Platform

Social media platforms work in different ways. Different people with diverse priorities and interests exist in these platforms. The selection of the right platform is critical for the success of your real estate business. You should use a platform that is more viable for your business. The right platform should be matched with your real estate business objectives to build an audience.

The development and execution of an effective B2B social media marketing campaign can lead to the growth of your real estate business. This can increase sales and brand visibility. Other businesses will pay attention to what you offer through the effective implementation of a B2B social media marketing strategy in your real estate business.

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